Eloael’s Soul

“Eloael” (pronounced EL-OH-AY-EL) is an alternative rock band which incorporates orchestral, synthesised and rock elements. With lyrically dynamic vocals, their music takes you on an epic emotional journey and should be listened to in a dark room, turned up nice and loud.

The lead singer Ivanka is a classically trained vocalist who brings a hauntingly beautiful quality to the music. Joseph plays keyboards and bass. He recorded and produced the band’s debut album “Release the dove”. He has also received two Australian Design awards for making the equipment that the album was recorded and mixed on. The lead guitarist Mic Lee pulls his inspiration from greats such as Stevie Ray Vaughan, Pink Floyds’ David Gilmour and Steve Vai. Chris plays keyboards and guitar and has won a Technical Oscar for his significant contributions to the evolution of digital audio editing for motion picture post production.

The Eloael band members initially met in their university days, and have only recently reformed their connections to produce their first album of original work in “Release the Dove”, a studio concept album echoing the styles of Pink Floyd, Kate Bush, Muse, Depeche Mode and Evanescence.

Eloael’s songs are lyrically unusual for those who enjoy some substance in their music, while the arrangements push the boundaries of conventional rock with unusual time signatures and structures.

Eloael’s debut single, “The Dove Flies”, explores the freedoms found after releasing ones self from physical and psychological chains.

Michael Paul Stavrou (engineer for respected artists and producers such as Cat Stevens, Sir George Martin’s, Richard Perry, Eric Burdon and Marc Bolan) says…. “ ‘Release The Dove’ has been one of the most exciting projects I’ve had the pleasure to mix. It is a richly textured feast developed over many years and refreshingly produced by someone with a natural instinct for the psychoacoustic nature of sounds – Joe Narai.”

Ivanka’s Artistry

Ivanka is the voice of Eloael. The last to join the group, she thoroughly enjoys working with these talented and wonderful guys. Having been warmly welcomed because she has the voice of an angel, Ivanka’s unique vocal style and ability compliment the band’s unique sound. Classically trained, and with many solo classical and musical theatre performances under her belt, she brings the emotion and intent of the music to life through her voice. Ivanka enjoys creating and composing unusual songs with the desire to both convey a story and touch the heart. Never one to blend in or move with the crowd, Ivanka always stands out in her own way, whether it be through her music or her art, her self expression always makes an impact. Having started out in the fashion industry, Ivanka has always had a flair for stylish and sexy dress design. She has always had an ability to draw and her long standing love to create took her in a new and unexpected direction. Once she picked up the paintbrush, she couldn’t put it down! Ivanka’s artistic endeavours have yielded over 150 works of original art culminating in her debut solo art exhibition – The Art of Inspiration – in October of 2007. The exhibition also launched books and journals dedicated to her unique art and her story of creative expression. Be it creating original songs, original paintings, unusual stories or stunning outfits, she is most at home engaged in the mysterious creative process that defines her life. The most amazing part is that she has been able to be so creative while at the same time bringing up three beautiful children.

Joseph’s Bio

Joseph has loved and played music ever since he was a child. He started playing in a band whilst in high school and continued through his years at the University of NSW. After receiving his B.Sc with Honors in Physics, he studied recording techniques and opened his own studio. While working on his PhD in Laser Physics at Macquarie University, he began programming and together with Chris developed a MIDI sequencer and later a Digital Audio Workstation which became the founding product of DSP. This went on to become one of the world’s leading professional audio workstation in the 1990’s. After developing the DSP Postation and Postation II, Joseph then formed Smart AV to produce the Smart Console, based on an incredible concept by Michael Stavrou. During all this technically creative work, Joseph has also been busy with many other creative projects. Sound design, audio post-production, composing, both film scores and music, as well as mixing for various short films. Joseph also enjoys acting and writing and is currently working on several screenplays and a novel. He would like to produce and direct the works he is creating. Joseph has worked on many award winning products and projects including: Smart Console Best New Product, NAB exhibition, 2004, Australian Design Award, 2004; Postation II Australian Design Award, 2001; Sound Design, “Boy” nominated for two AFI awards, 1997, winner Award for Australian Short Film, Sydney Film Festival, 1997. Joseph and the band have been slowly working away on an album that started when he met Chris at UNSW all those years ago! Release The Dove was recorded on the Postation II and mixed on the Smart Console and is the culmination of years of technical and creative work.

Chris’ music in Time

Beethoven 5th Beethoven 9th Beethoven 7th Beethoven 2nd Walter Carlos Switched on Bach Pink Floyd Atom Heart Mother Quadraphonic Play classical guitar Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon Quadraphonic Kraftwerk Autobahn Mike Oldfield Tubular Bells Pink Floyd Wish You Were Here Jean Michel Jarre Oxygene Kraftwerk Trans-Europe Express Computers Kraftwerk Man Machine Perfection Kraftwerk Computer World Rupert Hine Drowning not waving Alan Parsons Eye in the Sky Roland SH101 Music theory Jean Michel Jarre Concerts in China Genesis And then there were three Rupert Hine Wildest wish to fly Mike Oldfield Five Miles Out Mike Oldfield Crises Tears for Fears The Hurting Jean Michel Jarre Zoolook Jean Michel Jarre concert with Fairlight IIX and III destiny Propaganda A Secret Wish 2JJJ radio 3am to 6am Joe/Chris creation Kraftwerk Electric Cafe The The Infected Fairlight Research and Development Berlin live underground avant-guard techno Peter Gabriel So Fairlight CMI Series IIX, Series III Mike Oldfield Amarok Everything by Kraftwerk, Jean Michel Jarre and Pink Floyd Kraftwerk The Mix Enigma MCMXC Yello Baby Deep Forest Deep Forest SmartAV revolutionary Alan Parsons Try anything once Kraftwerk The Tour de France soundtracks Offshore Funk Offshore Funk Academy Award Offshore Funk Chrome unbelievable Everything by Steely Dan Eloael Release the Dove
D.C. al coda

Mic Lee plays guitar

mic leeplays guitar, screwed up eyes, and screwed down hair-do, like some cat from Japan1st guitar made of LEGOWanted 2 Jimi Hendrix @8got my 1st acoustic guitar, @ least it was realluv’d that guitarHad sum lessonsHated practicingpractice, what’s that?Regret it now,Just makes it harder listened Beatles real2real tapes, DaDsDeveloped a taste for the bluesguitar hero SRV@ 12 got my 1st electric guitar, Black Les Paul copyluv’d that guitar 2grew up listening Van Halen, Brian May, Santana & Dave Gilmour – luv say that I listened all guitar players –learning & gathering info thro in the repertoireCurrently listening Vai, SatrianiJohnson, Gilbert, Petrucci – guitar gymnastics – Thought the faster the better, maybe not –Couldn’t do it (still practicing – not enough time in the day) – luv solos with melodyThe melodic inspirations of Vai and the Californian jazz/fusion feel of Steely Danmusic that’s meaningful – Just add my bit to compliment the song & lyric – all about complimenting not dominating – all the pieces fit getherWorking on this album was a challengeeach song forming pieces of the story, and yet an individual story within – Had to use my brain ouch!Vision: luv 2 hear my music backtracking a sportz clip – noBest outcome, have people enjoy my music – But now just keep listening what others doing & create & develop my own sound & style.